In conversation with Kim Smith, co-Founder of KLORIS CBD

In conversation with Kim Smith, co-Founder of KLORIS CBD

Why did you start Kloris?

Myself, Matt & Pedram had been friends for a long time and we had all discovered the

benefits of CBD for different reasons ranging from sleep issues, stress, PTSD and pain.

We wanted premium quality, beautiful looking, trustworthy products to use for ourselves and our family members but couldn’t find them easily. So in 2018 we decided to do something about it! A year after we started R&D we launched with a very small product line.


How did you come up with the name?

KLORIS with its original spelling is actually CHLORIS, she was the greek goddess of
flowers. “In Greek mythology, Chloris was a goddess who was associated with spring,
flowers and new growth” It felt like a good fit for us.


What’s the most challenging part of starting a brand & running a company?

Everyone knows the start-up stage is tough, you have to be across all elements of the
business and wear a hundred different hats on any given day. You can’t rush anything as
you often don’t have the funds! You have to go slow and get creative. But there can be
amazing lessons and wisdom learned during this time as you strive to really define what
you want your company to be and the core values that you want it to operate with. 


What are your ambitions for Kloris?

We want to become a global leader in premium plant-based wellness. We want to make
people feel good and we want to help educate people on the wealth of natural / plant
based remedies available… over the past 100 years with the industrial revolution and
prohibition that key knowledge has got lost along the way. 


What would be your advice to someone starting a business?

I think the reason it is on the rise is that people want to trust the brands they choose to put their hard earned money with and the general public are fed up with faceless conglomerates. It is such an exciting time for ambitious, free thinking individuals.

In terms of advice I think work out what you want your core values to be and then apply that in every area of your business from staff, suppliers, yourself even! Ultimately it’s that uniqueness and authenticity that will make you stand out.


KLORIS is a multi-award winning premium natural wellness brand with a deep interest in nature and holistic wellbeing. Founded by 3 friends it has risen the ranks to be considered one of the most loved and respected names offering truly intelligent CBD & plant based beauty and wellness products. 2021 has already seen KLORIS awarded with Elle Magazine’s ‘Future Beauty’ award and a nomination in The Sunday Times Awards for Best Wellbeing Brand’.



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