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ZOOPSCOOP Powder Measuring Scoop - 2-Pack

ZOOPSCOOP Powder Measuring Scoop - 2-Pack

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Redefining the way you scoop - scoop smarter with ZOOPSCOOP! Durable and reusable, the ZOOPSCOOP funnel scoop is designed to accurately measure protein powder, baby formula, health supplements and more and dispense it exactly where you want it – no more spills, mess or waste! Made from trademarked Eastman TRITAN with an extendable handle, paddle dispenser and funnel shaped design, the ZOOPSCOOP is scratch-resistant, non-toxic, easy to clean and is designed to scoop every last bit of powder from your container helping you to reduce waste. The set includes 2 scoops in 25ml and 70ml – perfect for whether you’re at home, at the gym or on the go!

    Key Features

    • 2 SCOOP PACK – contains 2 scoops (25ml and 70ml) – perfect for use at home and on the go! Scoop your powder, use the sealable lid and then dispense your powder on the go!
    • ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS – with clear measuring lines in tablespoons, millilitres and fluid ounces to help you get the perfect volume every time.
    • NO MESS, NO SPILLS –  designed with a paddle dispenser and funnel shape to easily transfer your powder even into narrow-neck bottles, meaning no more powder spills or wastage.
    • REDUCE WASTAGE – the extendable handle offers a simple, hygienic solution to get every bit of powder out of your container helping to reduce wastage.
    • BUILT TO LAST – engineered from extremely durable trademarked Eastman TRITAN glasslike polycarbonate material - scratch-resistant, odour-free and built to last a lifetime.
    • EASY TO CLEAN – designed to easily dismantle and is dishwasher safe. This means no powder-residue build-up, keeping your scoop clean and hygienic.
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – non-toxic, built to last a lifetime and designed to be used again and again – say goodbye to cheap single use plastic measuring scoops!

    Additional Info

    • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe
    • Material: Eastman TRITAN
    • Care: Do not store in direct sunlight or near a source of heat.
    • Product weight: 250g
    • Product dimensions - 175cmx130cmx62cm
    • Includes handy 100% cotton travel bag
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      An extendable handle reaches deep into the containers.


      Measuring lines help dispense exact amounts of powder.


      A sealable lid lets you carry your powder with you.


      No spills - dispense powder straight into the bottle.


      A rotating paddle gives you full control dispensing.


      Long lasting and dishwasher safe - use again and again.

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    Reduce Wastage

    There's an estimated 25% loss of powders when using disposable scoops! We've designed our scoop to reach every bit of powder in your container with less mess and spills - meaning less powder wasted.

    Reduce Plastic

    A massive 3.1 billion single use plastic scoops could be diverted from landfill every year! Made from extremely durable trademarked Eastman TRITAN polycarbonate - the ZOOPSCOOP can be used again and again...and again.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Matthew R - Amazon US Customer
    Gift Worthy - Upscale, Clean & Easy to Travel

    I absolutely like my Zoop Scoop, it’s definitely something I will be gifting to a list of friends that are always on the go and have discerning tastes. It delivers on the quality and versatility. It has great appearance and ease of storage of protein for on-the-go lifestyle.

    Mary Shenouda
    Perfect Scoop, Clever Mechanism, No-Mess, Portable

    I didn't think I'd dig this scoop design as much as I do. I gift one to each of my clients and recently to my new-mom friends. The long handle makes it great for not getting your knuckles messy when scooping, the funnel allows it to fit even small bottles (I do pre/post drink prep for athletes in bottles vs shakers), and the turning mechanism ensures none of the powder sticks to the sides when dropping it into your bottle. Check out the instructional video they provide and you'll wonder why no one thought of all these separate solutions before.

    S.M - Amazon UK Customer

    This product is very simple and easy to use. It's size allows you to bring it anywhere without taking up space - very practical. Highly recommend!

    Vlad - Amazon UK Vine Review
    It's brilliant

    This is the type of item that I had no idea I needed...Using powders for anything is now hassle free but specifically great when having to pour powder into a container that has a small opening, like bottle

    Anon - Amazon UK Vine Review
    High quality and great idea!

    What a simple but fab idea. I was really impressed with the quality of these scoops and the way to use them is pretty ingenious!...Very pleased and sure I'll use them all the time now.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I measure with ZOOPSCOOP?

    The ZOOPSCOOP has been designed to measure and dispense all powders – from supplements and coffee to baby formula. If it’s a powder, it sure can be ZOOPSCOOP-ed!

    What measuring system does the ZOOPSCOOP use? 

    Millilitres, ounces and tablespoons. We have designed ZOOPSCOOP to be universally used in all geographies

    What’s the best way to store my ZOOPSCOOP?

    We recommend storing your ZOOPSCOOP with the lid off if you don’t use it for an extended period

    Is there a warranty for the ZOOPSCOOP? How long is it?

    Our products are designed to last. But should your ZOOPSCOOP have a technical fault, we’ll be more than happy to replace it.

    What powders can I use ZOOPSCOOP for?

    Supplements (protein powders, greens, creatine etc.) coffee, baby formula. Whatever powder you use, the ZOOPSCOOP will be a great tool to use.

    How do I clean the ZOOPSCOOP?

    Please click here to watch a ‘How to clean’ video.

    Is the ZOOPSCOOP dishwasher-proof?

    Yes, the ZOOPSCOOP is fully dishwasher-proof. Please click here to watch our ‘How to use’ video.

    Why is ZOOPSCOOP more accurate than other scoops?

    The measuring lines on the side of the scoop allow for better measurement. The precise dispenser will enable you to dispense what you want exactly where you want it, making you waste less powder.

    How is ZOOPSCOOP better for the environment?

    Our mission is to replace all single-use plastic scoops with a ZOOPSCOOP. We believe that there is no need for every powder to come with a disposable plastic scoop that will end up in landfills.

    Is ZOOPSCOOP BPA free?

    ZOOPSCOOP is made of Eastman Tritan, a premium, fully BPA-free plastic. Tritan is also shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and odour-free.

    What materials are ZOOPSCOOP made of?

    ZOOPSCOOP is made of Eastman Tritan – an extremely durable plastic made from glasslike material. It’s scratch-resistant, odour free, shatter-proof, and non-toxic.

    Will ZOOPSCOOP smell just like all the protein shakers?

    No, it’s very unlikely for the ZOOPSCOOP ever to smell. Make sure to wash it regularly, and you’ll never have to face the issue of your ZOOPSCOOP building up unpleasant smells.

    How do I return my ZOOPSCOOP?

    We can’t think of any reason you would want to, but if you wish to return a ZOOPSCOOP because it is not working as you imagined or there may be a technical fault, please drop us an email at so that we can arrange a return.