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ZOOPSHAKER Protein Shaker Bottle - 700ml - Red

ZOOPSHAKER Protein Shaker Bottle - 700ml - Red

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Designed for durability and practical functionality, our protein shaker bottle gives super smooth shakes every time. With the smart round base design and revolutionary click strainer system, shaking is more efficient, faster and hassle-free! Made from extremely durable trademarked Eastman TRITAN glasslike polycarbonate material, the ZOOPSHAKER is scratch-resistant, odour-free and built to last a lifetime. Easy to clean, BPA-free and portable, this leakproof bottle shaker is perfect for protein shakes, diet shakes and all kinds of health supplements – whether you’re at home, at the gym or on the go.

    Key Features

    • SUPER SMOOTH SHAKES –  with better fluid circulation from the rounded base, and the revolutionary click strainer system, this shaker is designed for efficient, faster shaking for a super-smooth shake every time.
    • PORTABLE & LEAKPROOF - designed with a tight seal screw cap and spout shield to keep the drinking spout clean, our shaker is perfect for at home, the gym or on the go - all with no worry about leaking.
    • EASY TO CLEAN – the curved base makes for easier cleaning, and both bottle and lid are dishwasher safe. No more powder residue build-up - giving you a cleaner, more hygienic shaker bottle.
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – made from non-toxic materials, and BPA and DEHP free. Better for the environment and no harmful substances leaking into your shake.

    Additional Info

    • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe
    • Material: Eastman TRITAN
    • Product weight: 186g
    • Product dimensions - 75x225x75cm
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    Super Smooth Shakes

    Designed for optimal fluid circulation with a revolutionary click strainer system - giving efficient, faster shaking for a super smooth shake every time.

    Great For On The Go

    With a tight seal screw cap and spout shield - the ZOOPSHAKER is perfect for at home, the gym or on the go - all with no worry about leaking.

    • "Perfect for my shakes"

      "I'm really happy with this protein shaker, it's solid and well made and has survived a couple of drops and remained crack-free!...I would highly recommend this shaker to anyone looking for a good quality shaker that's easy to use, clean and built to last."

      Garfield - ★★★★★ - Amazon UK Vine Review

    • "Smashing shaker"

      "Unlike the ones with the metal ball there is no loud noise to shaking with this one. Instead it has an attachment at the top with many holes which is a somewhat innovative idea."

      F. McCoy - ★★★★★ - Amazon UK Vine Review

    • "A great protein shaker"

      "This is a really snazzy-looking protein shaker that is of really good size so you can fit loads of yummy shakes in it. It is leakproof and the design of the strainer is a novel idea but it's all really easy to clean..."

      Loubeelou - ★★★★★ - Amazon UK Vine Review

    • "High quality and great results"

      "This is a really sturdy shaker and so much easier to clean than some competitor brands...Very impressed with the quality of this and sure it will now be my go to option."

      Amazon Customer - ★★★★★ - Amazon UK Vine Review

    • "Impressed"

      "The rounded bottom is phenomenal for shakes and together with the plastic mesh inside there are really no lumps at all....Best shaker I have at the minute."

      Vlad - ★★★★★ - Amazon UK Vine Review

    • "Nice mixers"

      "My partner uses these for his protein and what not. He really likes them - easy to clean as they can go in the dishwasher and they mix well. They look quite high end too - picture doesn't really do them justice."

      Matt - ★★★★★ - Amazon UK Vine Review

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How should I store the ZOOPSHAKER? 

    Make sure always to store your ZOOPSHAKER clean and with the lid open.

    What can I do if my ZOOPSHAKER smells?

    We make our products using only premium and odour-free materials. To ensure that your ZOOPSHAKER is always fresh, please make sure to clean it thoroughly after every use.

    Can the sidekick strainer come loose?

    The sidekick strainer is detachable. However, there is no need to remove it – you can leave it inside whilst washing your ZOOPSHAKER.

    Is there a warranty for the ZOOPSHAKER?

    Our products are designed to last, but should your ZOOPSHAKER have a technical fault, we’ll be more than happy to replace it.

    Can I drink hot liquids out of the ZOOPSHAKER?

    The ZOOPSHAKER is made of Eastman Tritan, which has a high-temperature tolerance.

    Can I freeze liquids in the ZOOPSHAKER?

    Yes, you can freeze liquids in the ZOOPSHAKER.


    Yes, the ZOOPSHAKER is made of Eastman Tritan, a premium, fully BPA-free plastic. Tritan is also shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and odour-free.

    What materials are ZOOPSHAKER made of?

    The ZOOPSHAKER is made of Eastman Tritan, a premium, fully BPA-free plastic. Tritan is also shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and odour-free.

    How do I return my ZOOPSHAKER?

    We can’t think of any reason you would want to, but if you wish to return a ZOOPSHAKER because it is not working as you imagined or there may be a technical fault, please drop us an email at so that we can arrange a return.